Super Soft Snuggle Baby 9 Pcs Bedding Complete Set – 9 Pcs Include: 1 Snuggle Bed 1 Mosquito Net 1 Carry Nest / Swaddle 1 Carry Nest Band 1 Cloud Pillow 1 Nursing Pillow 2 Bolsters 1 Feeder Cover

  • A Whole New Addition to Newborn Bedding Set with this Lovely Snuggle Bed Along with other 8 Pcs
  • It Also has a Cloud Pillow So Baby Can Sleep with a lovely dreams
  • 2 Side Cushions So Baby Will be Sleep in mid of bolsters cushions to feel cuddled while sleeping
  • It has a nod on Snuggle Bed so you may adjust it according to how you need it
  • This also comes with Mosquito Net which is portable and foldable so you may also cover the bed with mosquito net while the baby is sleeping to cover it without the flees and mosquito touching the baby
  • The Carry Nest Is yet Amazing and it’s not just a Carry Bag for baby but Whole Swaddle Wrap + Carry Bed, Isn’t it sound Amazing it’s a diamond shape you may easily put the baby in that diamond shape carry bag and swaddle it after swaddling it it has a bow style band to cover the carry bag from the botton to make it look more attractive and baby is safe now
  • The Carry Bag comes with amazing Nursing Pillow that also with the amazing look
  • Apart from that it includes the feeder cover so the baby feeder is always be wrapped in this cover and baby will enjoy the moisture of this cloth while sipping feeder


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