Imported Super Soft Winter Stuff Infant Baby Swaddle Hooded Sleeping Bag with Legs

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  • 【Snug Comfort, Baby Sleep Better】 wrapping your baby snuggly in this lovely baby sleeping bag, it mimics the womb and provides that continuous touch, warmth, support babies love, helps to soothe your baby and cry less, ensure your baby’s best sleep in day and night
  • 【Preventing the Startle Reflex】 cute swaddle with leg design is quite snug and ergonomic, giving the baby the sensation of a mother’s hug, let your baby feel safe and secure. Also with plenty room to allow babies knees and hips to flex, all that help baby sleep in natural sleep position and babies startle less and stay asleep longer
  • 【Anti-kick, Keeping Baby Warm】made of outer superb-soft thicken double-side winter stuff for enough warmth. Keep baby warm and cosy all-around. Its indeed light, extra breathable, gentle on skin, avoid allergy.Sleepsack with leg allow baby to kick and wiggle legs,but cannot be kicked off so reduce the risk of baby’s catch a cold
  • 【Quick Nappy Changes,Easy-to-use】 easily slide your baby in, with adjustable hook and loop closure, no struggling to get baby arms and legs in, no hassle to fold or tuck, perfect sack design to keep baby cosy and flexible. Leg pouch opens for easy diaper changes. Ideal replacing loose bedding in the crib or traditional swaddle
  • 【Multiuse Baby Essential Gift】flat size 65x75cm, suitable for infant 0-12months. All babies love in it, great swaddling option for all weather,even the chilly winter. Ideal use as baby stroller padding, sleeping mat or a baby footmuff in the winter, multipurpose for swaddling, tummy time and on the go nursing. Perfect newborn gift to keeping baby warm in the buggy, pram, car seat, cot crib, sling, bed, or moses basket and more


Imported Super Soft Winter Stuff Infant Baby Swaddle Hooded Sleeping Bag with Legs