Imported Baby Smart Medicine Dispenser Dropper

Syringe safety feeder
It is specially designed for feeding medicine to babies. It adopts the liquid feeding method on both sides to avoid direct injection of medicine into the throat and effectively prevent choking. At the same time, it avoids the baby’s disgust caused by the medicine liquid passing through the baby’s taste area, so that the medicine feeding becomes relatively simple and easy.Features:
1. The handle is made of safe material PP, and the silicone head is made of liquid silicone.
Does not contain bisphenol A, is not easy to break, can be boiled and sterilized, safe and reliable.
2. Equipped with precise scale, which can easily control the dosage and feeding speed.Instructions:
Before use, clean the whole medicine feeder and put it into water to boil for 1-2 minutes to sterilize. When feeding medicine, pour the medicine into the measuring cup. Use a syringe to absorb the required amount, and extend the front end of the syringe with medicine to the measuring cup. Put it into the baby’s mouth, then push it into the liquid, and clean it after use.

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Imported Baby Smart Medicine Dispenser Dropper
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