Children Safety Door Stopper Baby Door Stopper

  • Material: EVA
  • Size: Arc type is about 10.3cm in length, 10cm in width and 1cm in thickness
  • Weight: 70g
  • Purpose: to prevent the door from suddenly closing, crushing the baby’s fingers or other injuries.
  • It is mainly used on the rotten door of the household to prevent the damage to the door caused by the collision when the wind is strong
  • To avoid the noise of the collision
  • To prevent the danger of children being locked inside and to facilitate the closing of the door when entering and leaving the door.
  • The baby starts to learn to walk, is full of curiosity and exploration to the world, and also plays hide and seek. With this safe door card, the baby’s fingers will not be caught by the door.
  • Careful dads must prepare for the baby
  • The bayonet has high elasticity and can adapt to the door with a thickness of 3-5cm. Don’t want to use it, just pull it out, very convenient


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